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Nutrient Calculators

Knowing exactly how much to feed your plants and when is of course essential to achieving the full potential of any crop and maximizing yields. The current method of printed nutrient charts or very small instruction guidelines on bottles certainly can be improved with modern technology:

  1. Growers often make mistakes with their calculations when mixing up nutrient solutions for their crop due to either very small instructions on the nutrient bottles or no instuctions at all.
  2. Printed nutrient feed charts are often very generic and can lead to confusion and mistakes.
  3. Printed charts often get damaged or lost in the grow room environment.
  4. Printed charts are of course not very good for our planet with their single use status and glossy coatings.
  5. Printed charts do not offer any indication of your current date and period.

Easy to Use

A user config screen customised to your business and need makes our nutrient calculators easy to use:

  1. Choose Metric or Imperial measurements.
  2. Set a start date and charts will print dates in headers.
  3. Calculate a shopping basket.
  4. Group similar values on full charts.
Mills Nutrients Config Screen
Mills Nutrients Tank Size

Share Customised Charts

Customers in hydroponic stores often ask for nutrient schedule / charts from the store owner. Our apps allow the store owner to quickly create and share / print customised feed schedules for the customer :

  1. A steady supply of printed leaftlets is not always available.
  2. Printed leaflets increase your carbon footprint.
  3. Exact amount of nutrients needed calculated for purchase.
  4. Week dates printed on charts.
Snoops Premium Full Chart View
Snoops Premium Week Chart View

Example Customised Charts

Snoops Premium Schedule Sample
Mill Nutrients Schedule Sample